Monday, October 02, 2006

INDIA: A Superpower in the Making?

We, Indians have been hearing this for some time now. Will India be or Can India become a superpower. A few say India can, under certain circumstances, if everything falls in the right place.. But, really, do u believe so..

I was reading this interesting article about this issue and found it interesting.

One of the thing it is discussing is the possibility of Indo-China Union, something like EU. Of course, there are still some issues, but that will be dwarfed by the possibilities. Together it will account for almost HALF of world population!! (Ref 5). It may be to early to discuss, but its an interesting prospect. The author discusses this under "A Turning Point in Relations With China?". The same is discussed in a Rediff article as well..

Another interesting thing I found is the parallel he found between the world future and what Bible says. It may be a vague comparison, but interesting, nonetheless.

As an Indian, I do not want to believe that this is just a software boom. Among my friends, who have tested their skills with their counterparts in Developed countries like US or Europe, most would agree that technically they are no inferior to any one, if not better. Of course there are things that are still lacking, but no shortage of skills and abilities.. Not only India has a huge market, but a good percentage of aspiring young generation.. I too believe that there is no reason why India cant become one of the prominent forces in the world in near future.

Try reading this in (Ref 4)..
"What Would An Asian Face on Globalization Look Like?

Rising Asia will continue to reshape globalization, giving it less of a “Made in the USA” character and more of an Asian look and feel. At the same time, Asia will alter the rules of the globalizing process. By having the fastest-growing consumer markets, more firms becoming world-class multinationals, and greater S&T stature, Asia looks set to displace Western countries as the focus for international economic dynamism—provided Asia’s rapid economic growth continues"

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