Monday, October 16, 2006

VOIP Options that I find useful. Cheap and Free calls!

I have used couple of VOIP sites and I found it useful. So I thought of sharing these with the feature to you all..

First of all I will list a few sites with similar options..

This is especially useful if you are in Europe or US.

Minimum registration charge = 10 Euro.
This can be utilised for changed calls.

The intersting features..

1. Its absolutely FREE for so many Phones.. For eg, All the land line phones of almost all countries in Europe, All Mobile & All Land Line numbers in USA, China etc.. If you are a registered user, U can use it unlimited for all these free numbers.. YES, UNLIMITED & FREE! (free countries and call rates may differ between sites. Pls check individually for ur best option)

2. I have found that u may need a broadband connection with about 500 kbps min to have decent quality calls. But if you do not have that and you are in any of the 'Free Countries', you can use he 'Direct Call' option. In this option, your internet speed, rather the lack of it, will not affect the quality because will be calling from say your land line to another phone. There will a nominal charge (normally 5 cents) per call (not per min). So if ur from-number and to-number are free numbers, you have a charge of 5 cents for one call, no matter how long it is.

3. This can be useful for calling India and other Charged calls as well. Normally people go for the Calling Cards. These will give around 6 cents per minute. But My problem with these are the lack of consistancy. I mean, they say you have 30 minutes call credit to a certain number and after talking 5 min. your credit will be 20 minutes or less. So, even if this rate is slightly higher than the calling cards, I will get what I have to. There is 100% call record, and you get what you see!.

4. Using this you can call from PC, anywhere in the world to any free numbers unlimited if you are a registered user. (that means from India to UK, if there is good internet connection).

Each site allows you to have some free calls for testing purpose.
Test today!

Also there are VOIP Phones available. You can use any of these accounts and use that hardware instead of the PC. These VOIP-Phones does allow you to configure better so that even with very low internet speed, it functions good!

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