Sunday, October 15, 2006

Valentino Rossi is all set to win the championship Again !

Valentino Rossy, "The Doctor", just finished second in an Incredible, a dramatic race at Portugal, the penultimate race of the Season of MotoGP.

I just like this guy.

He started the race from Pole, but behind in points (12 points) to Nicky Hayden of Honda in the Championship points. But during the race Nicky Hayden was taken out by his team mate.. Hayden was livid !! Then Rossy was leading the race.

But there is another twist.. at the last moment Tony Elias took the lead in the last lap. He has nothing to loose, but Rossy has everything at stake.. So you would expect Rossy to sit back and allow himself to get the second position.. That is where Rossy is different. He put everything on line and made a pass thru somewhat risky move. Rossy is leading in last corner.. But Tony had other plans. He, unbelievably made the pass after the corner.. Rossy tried all he could, but was a bit too little. 0.002 seconds to be precise.. what a race..

He still has the child like enthusiasm.. and of course the skills better than anyone..

He was not disappointed to loose the first, because he had given everything he had.. Hopefully he can pull it off at the last race as well.. One more crown.. Gooo Rossy...

Footnote: everybody wants Rossy these days.. He had tested for F1 and there was a rumour that he will switch to F1 soon.. don't know what is the current status. But there is another news. He will be racing in the RALLY this year end, in Nov at New Zealand. He will take part privately in his own name, and will use Subaru Car.. I am waiting to see how competitive he is out there..

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