Monday, October 09, 2006

YouTube is gobbled by Google.

I Love this.. Hope I will have the same opinion after one year also..

Google and YouTube are my favourites and the acquisition should be better for both.. or is it? May not be the case always, but they say Google will allow to retain the signature of youtube and thats welcoming sign.. Hope youtube will be more enjoyable in future..

If you have seen my video blog, most of those are from youtube. The YouTube was started couple of years back and became the darling of the net quickly.. YouTube now streams 100 million videos daily to an audience estimated at nearly 40 million a day.

Now Google will buy it for $1.65 billion. Most say its a defensive rather than an offensive measure, because it wanted to have a major hold in that sector and you tube was the biggest and most threatening of the lot..

Lets see..

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