Monday, December 04, 2006

Christian denomination.. a complex world..

I must confess that, in spite of being a devoted christian, I have never fully understood the complex world of different christian denominations.. Todays googling led me to the Wikipedia for this topic.. Wiki has always been impressive, but I don't think you would get such a vast pool of info anywhere else, especially for topics like this..

There are numerous divisions and sub-divisions among the Christianity - some because of theological reasons and some due to other disputes..

On a gross level, the christian can be grouped into four.. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Protestant.

I, an Indian Orthodox member, comes under the Oriental Orthodox Group..

One part of christian theology is the christology. This tries to understand the Human v/s Divin nature of Jesus and the various points of view related to that. The Oriental Orthodox Church (thereby Indian Orthodox Church also) takes the position, Miaphysitism. And Catholicism is monotheistic.

Another fundamental defining theology is based on the Trinity aspect of God. Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant distinctions have differences on this as aspect, which was not that easy for me to understand.. May be because its time to sleep..