Saturday, October 14, 2006

Noam Chomsky - the phenomenon..

I had heard bit and pieces about him.. Not that, now I know a lot more, but the videos I saw in youtube and further googling revealed so much.. He Tears off the Western Greed and Hypocrisy with such ease !!

His new book "Failed States" is a huge success..

Surprising is not what he says, but the categorical way in which he says, I thought I should have been seeing him more often in the media.. does that means its a planned exclusion.. I believe that is case.

He talks about all geopolitical issues..
A SHOULD WATCH VIDEO, which I am sure will make u search more on this..

CBC interview 1 of 2

CBC interview 2 of 2

BBC Interview 1 of 3

BBC Interview 2 of 3

BBC Interview 3 of 3

Click here for a collection of videos on youtube..

Click here for one of the audio file of another interview..
Click here for a collection of audios/videos..

I wish I could get a copy of his book..

Couple of Footnotes:
1. This is not his primary area of specialisation..
2. One thing I appreciate about the US and Europe is that the people like him can have freedom of criticising, which I don't think will be case in any of Muslim world.. for that matter I heard the news about this Journalist who criticised Russia was killed a week back..

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