Monday, September 18, 2006

India's candidate for UN Secretary General

Mr. Shashi Tharoor, the current UN Under Secretary General for Communication and Public Information, is the candidate for the new UN Secretary General. Mr. Kofi Annan will finish his second term soon and we may know the successor by Sept end or beginning of Oct. Although its not a rule, by precedence, its the term for Asia and Shahi Tharoor is a strong candidate, although there is a Korean is equally strong.. It is said that, if you go by history, most likely the front runners will not be the one who will be selected, but a compromise candidate.. This boz of the veto power.. Even if one gets the majority, he can be vetoed out (if I understood it correctly).. So u never know!

Shashi Taroor, being an Indian and a Keralite (from my region), make me little curious to see the outcome, and hope he can make it..

Tharoor launches campaign from Africa

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Joe Varghese said...

Today Tharoor had withdrawn his candidature after the Korean counterpart has emerged as the Prime Candidate. Tharoor got 10 out of 15 votes and the Korean got 14 out of 15. But crucially, Tharoor got 1 veto vote against him, which is an automatic disqualification irrespective of the number of votes.

So most likely we have a Korean UN Secretary General.