Thursday, April 03, 2014

RO Water reuse

Below is the picture of the setup that I made over this weekend.  As per reliable sources, for each liter of usable water, three liter is wasted by the system and the % increase in the hardness is minor. 

The setup stores this water to an overhead tank (same level as system) and an outlet is connected to the kitchen sink.  My plan is to use it for 1 round of utensil cleaning (followed by normal water) and floor cleaning.
Approximate cost : 750/- + some time and effort.

1. Get the RO waste outlet from inside the kitchen to utility by drilling a hole on the window.
2. Use couple brackets to fix the water tank.
3. Connect the RO outlet to the top of the tank
4. Connect a tap to the bottom of the tank with seal and screw from inside.
5. Connect a hose from Tap to the sink.
Optional additions:
Connect an overflow pipe at the top to the drain.
Connect a water level indicator.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Interest Rates of FD (Fixed Deposit or term deposit) of banks in India

SBI Bank

CitiBank India


Friday, September 09, 2011

correlation between genetic mutation and mobile features

Intercepts are..
... Indians, Europeans and people from West Asia share a common genetic mutation that allows them to digest milk.
... Only 32 per cent of people world over are lactase-persistent and have the ability to digest milk and the genetic mutation enabling that process got evolved in the last 10, 000-12,000 years when humans started domesticating animals and began drinking cattle milk. Before that humans did not have that ability and constant consumption of milk over thousands of years made the body to adapt through mutation of lactase gene.
surprising to know that only 32% of human being can digest milk!!  and this ability is an acquired one!! 
thinking about acquiring the ability, is it like features getting added to the products like mobile.. 
Mobile Phone OEM's :  I need Bluetooth connectivity..  Research.. I will implement Bluetooth!
Human Gene : I need to digest Milk..  Research..  Implement the new feature!
I know it is a simplistic correlation.  But digesting milk seemed like an ordinary thing, until I heard this.  But for processing each Input, the body had to develop systems during its evolution!  Feel respect to..., but don't know whom - evolution or human or gene or or or God!!  Feels very small..

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Learnings from setting up a Linksys wireless router with BSNL Modem on Airtel connection

Make sure the wired one works all right. Connect the modem directly to laptop/PC and ensure that it works. At this mode, go to command prompt (Windows + R) and type "ipconfig". Note down the IP Address of the LAN. Usually this will be

If there are issue getting Internet at this stage, call Airtel and get this right.

now disconnect the modem and connect the router. go to command prompt (Windows + R) and type "ipconfig". Note down the IP Address of the LAN. Usually this will be If the IP addresses of both are same, then you need to change it.

if you have the CD, run the wizard. Select DHCP. If the IP Address is same as modem, change the IP Address. (Say

If you done have the CD, goto Internet explorer and enter the router IP address. (Eg: enter the username / password of modem (default is admin / admin). here goto Setup and see the IP. if its same, change it as mentioned above. now goto wireless tab and select DHCP

On the security side, select "WPA Personal" and put password. Save the password somewhere safe.

now disconnect the router, connect the modem to router, connect back the router to laptop.

If are working fine, you should be getting Internet.

now disconnect the router from laptop. enable wifi and search for new wifi.. select yours and enter the password you saved. check if you are getting the password.

Monday, March 15, 2010

EMI Calculator with yearwise projections of interest / principle components

I have updated the previous version with some additional options.

With this version, you can see the projection of interest component or the principle component year over year for the entire duration of the Loan. This data is available both as a table and as a graph.

What is better, just enter the loan starting date and the complete info available for you to analyze further. This is specifically made for planning your tax exemptions for the duration of the loan.

you can download the file from the below link...

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Tax Proposal in the Union Budget - Feb, 2010

The Budget has proposed a new tax Slab. Taxes will be slashed again

on income up to Rs 1.6 lakh, Tax would be nil,
above Rs 1.6 lakh upto Rs 5 lakh, Tax would be 10%,
above Rs 5 lakh upto 8 lakh, Tax would be 20% and
above Rs 8 lakh, Tax would be 30%.

Also, over and above the existing Rs 1 lakh deduction on tax savings, an additional deduction of Rs 20% for investment in long-term infrastructure bonds would be allowed.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Updated version of EMI Rlated Calcultions

Here is a new version of the Original EMI Calculator.

You calculate anything using this. Calculate Loan Eligibility, EMI, Interest or Term.

You can get a loan distribution also.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Indian LokSabha Election, General Election, exit polls results

There are various versions of exit polls predicting who will get how much. How much NDA, UPA, Left, third front, fourth front etc.

1) NDTV Results.

NDA = 160-170
UPA = 205-215
3rd Front = 120-130
Others = 36-45

Click here for Link

2) Times of india

NDA = 195
UPA = 201
3rd Front = 82
4th Front = 65

Click here for Link

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updated EMI Calculator with enhanced features

I have been using an EMI Calculator that I had made few years back. Now I have updated that and is available for download.

Please see the right side of this post and you would find a section "MY FILES". The "EMI Calculator Plus V3.01.xls" will be available there and you can download it from there.


1. Calculate EMI (Equated Monthly Installments), if you know the Loan Amount, Interest rate per year and no of installments.

2. Calculate the Interest rate if you know the EMI. (This is useful because sometimes the bank will only say the EMI).

3. Calculate the Loan amount. You know how much you can pay per month. Then you can find the Loan amount for a given interest rate and tenure.

For all these, there would be additional information like - How much I pay in full, How much I pay extra per month etc..

Also, you can see the breakdown of the Loan for each month. How much is the Interest Component? and How much is the Reduction In Principle? etc.. This is very useful when you have tax exemption on a housing loan.

a snapshot.

Check out.. Im sure that you will find it useful..
Let me know, if you have any comments, suggestion, problems...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

India is the 4th largest country in terms of the GDP (PPP)

You must be thinking that I'm joking or I'm talking about 2025. No Im not. These are figures of the year 2007 given by IMF and World Bank. I will come to that in a while. Lets forget that for a moment.

I was just browsing to get some comparative index of the living standard of people across different countries in the world and their purchasing power. How do you do that?

For a long time, GDP (Gross domestic product) and GDP per capita used to be the benchmark for that.

In simple terms, wiki says:
GDP = consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports).

Next came the Human Development Index.

Wiki says:
This index is a normalized measures of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide.

But if I understood these correctly, it does not take into account the purchasing power of an individual.. Lets take two countries - India and Germany. Their respective currencies are Euro and Rupee. The exchange ratio between these two currencies is 1Euro = 65Rs approximately. So lets compare a service in both countries.. I take the haircut. In Germany, it costs 10Euro minimum in general. In India, It may cost 100Rs max in big cities for an above average one. (Although you can avail that service at much cheaper rate, I kept the Indian one slightly on the higher side to have a correction factor for quality of service.) Now, simple maths says that the cost of the haircut is 6.5 times cheaper in India. So if we take the haircut as a benchmark, the German need to earn 6.5 times the Indian to have the same living standard. Obviously, the values are way of target, but my point is that, just because an Indian may earn less doesn't necessarily mean that he may have a lower living standard. Thankfully, people who know these things have made another index to make necessary correction to account for the difference in living cost.

That is PPP (Purchasing power parity)

Wiki says:
The purchasing power parity (PPP) theory uses the long-term equilibrium exchange rate of two currencies to equalize their purchasing power.

India ranks 12th by GDP but 4th by PPP.

Fig Courtesy Wikipedia.

See the following link to get the ranks based on PPP.

Thus you can see that India is the 4th largest economy in the world today, bigger than Germany and UK.
(based on GDP-PPP).

As you would read in those pages, this, by no means, cannot be considered as the absolute index for comparison. But this will give you a perspective of the purchasing ability of the people, which is missing in other indexes.


Even PPP is a Gross Income. It means that the bigger the population, the bigger the GDP (in general, of course with exceptions). India, due to its size would have come that high in the list.

I think, more than PPP, the PPP/person (PPP per capita) would be a more interesting figure. But here also, the figures would be distorted if the wealth is concentrated among few.

So I think, an even more interesting figure would be the average PPP of the middle 70% of the population. What I meant is this. Remove the top 15% and bottom 15%. Calculate the PPP of the remaining 70%. Divide that value with the no of people that fall into those 70%. Thus you would get the average purchasing ability of the common man in that country.

This is the "Joe's 70% average PPP".


Gross domestic product

Human Development Index

Purchasing power parity

List of countries by GDP (nominal)

List of countries by GDP per capita

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