Sunday, December 04, 2011

Interest Rates of FD (Fixed Deposit or term deposit) of banks in India

SBI Bank

CitiBank India


Friday, September 09, 2011

correlation between genetic mutation and mobile features

Intercepts are..
... Indians, Europeans and people from West Asia share a common genetic mutation that allows them to digest milk.
... Only 32 per cent of people world over are lactase-persistent and have the ability to digest milk and the genetic mutation enabling that process got evolved in the last 10, 000-12,000 years when humans started domesticating animals and began drinking cattle milk. Before that humans did not have that ability and constant consumption of milk over thousands of years made the body to adapt through mutation of lactase gene.
surprising to know that only 32% of human being can digest milk!!  and this ability is an acquired one!! 
thinking about acquiring the ability, is it like features getting added to the products like mobile.. 
Mobile Phone OEM's :  I need Bluetooth connectivity..  Research.. I will implement Bluetooth!
Human Gene : I need to digest Milk..  Research..  Implement the new feature!
I know it is a simplistic correlation.  But digesting milk seemed like an ordinary thing, until I heard this.  But for processing each Input, the body had to develop systems during its evolution!  Feel respect to..., but don't know whom - evolution or human or gene or or or God!!  Feels very small..

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Learnings from setting up a Linksys wireless router with BSNL Modem on Airtel connection

Make sure the wired one works all right. Connect the modem directly to laptop/PC and ensure that it works. At this mode, go to command prompt (Windows + R) and type "ipconfig". Note down the IP Address of the LAN. Usually this will be

If there are issue getting Internet at this stage, call Airtel and get this right.

now disconnect the modem and connect the router. go to command prompt (Windows + R) and type "ipconfig". Note down the IP Address of the LAN. Usually this will be If the IP addresses of both are same, then you need to change it.

if you have the CD, run the wizard. Select DHCP. If the IP Address is same as modem, change the IP Address. (Say

If you done have the CD, goto Internet explorer and enter the router IP address. (Eg: enter the username / password of modem (default is admin / admin). here goto Setup and see the IP. if its same, change it as mentioned above. now goto wireless tab and select DHCP

On the security side, select "WPA Personal" and put password. Save the password somewhere safe.

now disconnect the router, connect the modem to router, connect back the router to laptop.

If are working fine, you should be getting Internet.

now disconnect the router from laptop. enable wifi and search for new wifi.. select yours and enter the password you saved. check if you are getting the password.