Thursday, April 03, 2014

RO Water reuse

Below is the picture of the setup that I made over this weekend.  As per reliable sources, for each liter of usable water, three liter is wasted by the system and the % increase in the hardness is minor. 

The setup stores this water to an overhead tank (same level as system) and an outlet is connected to the kitchen sink.  My plan is to use it for 1 round of utensil cleaning (followed by normal water) and floor cleaning.
Approximate cost : 750/- + some time and effort.

1. Get the RO waste outlet from inside the kitchen to utility by drilling a hole on the window.
2. Use couple brackets to fix the water tank.
3. Connect the RO outlet to the top of the tank
4. Connect a tap to the bottom of the tank with seal and screw from inside.
5. Connect a hose from Tap to the sink.
Optional additions:
Connect an overflow pipe at the top to the drain.
Connect a water level indicator.