Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Malayalam TV online

This is for the Malayalees..
Asianet streamed TV is available online.. good clarity and no disturbances..

Click the following link...

Or u can download the playlist to be used on winamp.. Click here and click Asianet.m3u

I prefer the Winamp over the Media Player because you can pause the video and it will resume from there when you play again.

Lokamengumulla ella Malayaalikalkum ee anpathan Kerala piraviude aashamsakal!!


Vinoo said...

Great Joe! It works once again...I am on it all the time. Watching a movie now :)

Vinoo said...

Gone again...seems like its the test phase!

Joe Varghese said...

Hi Vinoo..
Its very cool..
It was a test phase.. and will be free till Dec 06.. make the most of now :)

fishy101 said...

hey do u know where to watch asianet?