Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fulda Maybach Exelero - a car, one of its kind

I was just browsing thru to get the latest of the so called "Innovation of the century", two-wheeled Segway. The idea was definitely impressive.. Now this gone into an anticlimax. There were some recalls after there were some serious bugs in it resulting in crashes, the famous one being the fall of President George Bush had from this. See a Commercial..

But then I bumped into this. The Fulda Maybach Exelero! an amasing car with an amasing background. So I thought of blogging abt this fav of mine.

This is the best car I ever have seen with my eyes live, when it was on display at the 2005 Frankfurt show. At that time, it just looked an amasing car, only to know later on while googling that there was something more to it.

The car was a custom made for the Tyre manufactures, Fulda. Fulda had developed a special tyre and they wanted a special car to test and show off their new arrival. So Fulda entrusted Maybach to build this. And that how this car was born.

We have a Tyre. Now we need a car to fit the tyre to.. Nice approach :) You cant complain though, as it resulted in such an amasing product..

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