Monday, November 27, 2006

Changing India - Change of attitudes

There are few India companies that are going global Like Tata, Reliance etc.. But I was seeing this interview with Baba Kalyani on CNN and I thought I heard something different..

They were discussing about the acquisition made by his company Bharat Forge, now worlds second largest in its field and the way it has emerged in the world arena. Baba Kalyani was saying that what it has achieved is not because of the cheap labour in India, although the perception about India is that its advantage is in making use of cheap labour to make low tech outputs. When he was asked if you are in the Hi tech field, there is no real cost advantage being in India because it cost the same as say in Germany. But his reply was that the difference is in the people (the engineers) who implement the technology and they are as competitive to counterparts in developed countries and the cost advantage because of that.

For me, personally, it was very refreshing to hear the whole interview because I was hearing something that I wanted to hear for sometime now! May be things are changing for good..

Click here to see the video of the interview..

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