Sunday, September 10, 2006

My impression about Michael Schumacher as he ready to say good bye..

Michael Schumacher has announced that he will retire at the end of the season, another illustrious carrier is coming to an end..

He has been among the greatest, the sports has ever seen and arguably the best.. He has all the record books under his belt. The seven time (probably the eighth as well) world champion is anything one could wish for in a sports person.. or is he?

As much I have admired him for his skills, abilities and being able to be the best in the world, I never have been a fan of him.. I feel like, he was too professional in sports.. To me, he would do everything to win.. His controversies and not-so-famous tactics are something which I never could accept.. I know he is not the only one with that tag, but then I don’t have high regards for all such.. Its a tag I never want for myself..

He will be remembered for his achievemnts, skills and professionalism.
I wish him good luck..

What David Coulthard had to say..

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