Friday, September 08, 2006

Marion Jones Acquitted..

After few days of getting tested positive for using Banned substance, Marion Jones has suddenly got cleared, after her B Sample tested negative.. And retain the label, The fastest woman in the world.

C'mon.. What is this A Sample and B Sample.. I will tell you what it is.. These are some of the loop holes provided so that some of them can escape.. At least I see it that way..

How can this be true when both the samples are from the same person from the same time! That's where the game is..

Jacques Pruvost, a former doctor with the French athletics federation, said: "If the samples are small, you cannot find it (EPO) after a few weeks. "It's a game of the athletes, surrounded by lawyers, to ask for the counter-evaluation ('B' test) as late as possible."

Prior to 2003 the old blood and urine test was the method of test. Subsequently they introduced the Urine Only test which has so many flaws one of which is stated above.

In my opinion, this is not something the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) is not aware, but rather they use this to protect some of the players. They knew that if they are going to be strict, they will loose so many of the athletes and that's not good the athletics on a commercial basis.. This is really a pathetic situation..

I would rather be happy to see either of the following situation to happen..

1. Keep the current list of Banned substances and enforce it without fail.. (need to take short term detrimental effects)..
2. Make some exceptions in the list considering the situation on the ground and be strict with the remaining substances so that the people who follow the rules will not be at a disadvantage (moral issues!)..

Having said that, But not this and not anyother thing will happen and would be pleased to allow some of those to get away with it.. Probably Marion Jones is one of those.. I dont know, but cant exclude that possibility either..

Anyhow this system is not fair to that minority who insist on not using performance enhancing drugs..

But its the majority that rules and they define the just, UNFORTUNATELY!

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