Sunday, June 22, 2008

best VOIP Rates to India

if you are new to VOIP calls, please have a look at one of my previous posting about this.

The basics are more or less same but, they keep coming up with new sites with better rates.. through this posting I will try to keep u updated about the best rate that I come across with (to India)..

1. VOIP Cheap === 0.07 Euros/Min to India (7 cents / min)

This is what I have been using for some time now.

2. Internet Calls === 0.03 Euros/min to India

I have registed to this site recently.

3. VOIP Raider === 0.022 Euro/Min to Landline and 0.027 Euro/min to mobile. (Even if you calculate with 66Rs per Euro, one minute of call will cost you only 1.5 Rs/- !!!!!!!)

I saw this rate today. I have not registed yet.

4. WebCallDirect === 0.02 Euros/min to landline, 0.03 Euros/min to Mobile. (Super deal)

I found this today..

One more thing. Earlier I was able to pay using credit card. Now a days, it doesnt seem to work at all.. You can do the Bank Transfer or "Elektronisches
Lastschriftverfahren" (if you are in Germany) or its equivalants...

Watch this space for better rates that I find.

[Added on 13.09.2008]
5. CallEasy === 0.02 Euros/min to landline and Mobile. (Super deal)

Only difference from other sites is that this does not allow people to call from PC to phone. Instead you need to make a call to an access number and use the pin to login and then enter the destination number.

The catch with this is that, you can use this effectively only if you can call to these access numbers for free. For eg, here in Germany, most internet connections comes with telefone-flat, which means you call all landlines in Germany for free. So I use that option to call the access number and further call to India. If you are not able to call these access numbers for free, then its better to go for another option (say WebCallDirect) by which you can make the calls from PC. Or if you already have such an account like WebCallDirect, that will help you to make that first call to access no for free and then use the CallEasy Account.

[Added on 15.09.2008]
6. FreeCall === 0.015 Euros/min to landline and 0.02 Euro/Min to Mobile. (Super deal)


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