Monday, August 18, 2008

what defines you and me.

I came across this movie on YouTube the other day. Its not only very touching, but make you introspective and indeed very thankful what all we have.

It was a very beautiful day for him until that small accident happened. But the consequences were not so small. Its amazing that he could survive in spite of all these, because most often the mental damage (of lost abilities) would be more devastating than the physical one. It is not easy to recover from that.

I was watching the movie FELON, where the life of this guy turns upside down by an event. His fellow prisoner has this Quote for him.. "when your life is defined by a single action, it change the concept of time."

If you have watched the above movie full, at the end he says this to all. Can you define yourself, beyond the physical abilities that you have?

Probably another reason why he was able recover is that he could accept himself being not good in certain things.. Things which he was good at and had taken pride in.. He was able to redefine himself.. he was able to find joy when he could do simple things.. that was an achievement for his at his level.. I think there is an underlying lesson in that. We often compare ourself with the best and gets disappointed that we are not as good as they are.. May be we need to set the benchmarks for ourself and not by comparing with others.. Be happy at what you have achieved, however small that may be when comparing with others.. But, for you, you had to put the 100% to get there and that's what all you can ask for.. Take pride in that..

We, most often gets concerned at what all we missed, could have, would have etc etc.. But probably, once in a while we have to sit back and think what all went right for me. There could be so many instances where we miss the worst by a whisker.. But we soon forget that. Things that we don't forget are on the other side of the spectrum. I guess its human.

So define yourself beyond the physical abilities.. Can we?

what do you think ?

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Anitha said...

wow,its so inspiring.U have put the best thoughts into it.Defining our essence is so very important and thats the only thing which would last.:)