Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008. Is it the Phelps-Bolt Olympics

Some more superstars !!! Rather they are a phenomenon in themselves..

Usain Bolt
Michael Phelps

When the competition gets tough, you normally expect the winning margins to be very small.. But here are two guys who are just miles ahead of others (one over land and the other in the water).

There are obviously speculations that these are backed by illegal substances. But I like to believe otherwise. May be they are not cheating and if they are not, then I think its the biggest crime not to give it to them. I mean, there are ways and means to keep a check on those. And so long as they are proved otherwise, I think its not fair to doubt their ability and efforts they might have put in.

On the one hand you have the (Thunder) Bolt, who didn't compete in the 100m until one year ago, suddenly emerges from the cloud and in the BIGGEST stage, takes the glory with ease. He was posing for the cameras even before he finished and even then won it with a margin that is the biggest in last 40 years and of course broke the world record by a big margin. "We've never seen anything like that before" was the verdict of the great Olympian Michael Johnson after a breathtaking 100 metres final.

On the other hand, you have a superhuman in Phelps. The way he strokes past others will mislead you to think that he is competing with armatures. And he does that event after event. There is no stopping him. The term - Fatigue - might have to be redefined now, because he seems to have not heard about that at all. I heard a comment about him "He is just another guy, but from a different planet". One can't help thinking in those lines. Interestingly enough, if you read through his physical specialities (c/o wiki), then one might wonder, if this is a small evolutionary change!

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