Sunday, August 27, 2006

This was interesting..

Its the Sudoku.

Having a got a good link the other day, I started trying to solve.

If you have not heard, which is unlikely, its a puzzle. Its a game that needs bit of logic and patience. Normal game is a 9x9 matrix which is sub-divided into nine 3x3 matrix. The objective is to fill the numbers 1-9 in each cell in such a way that each 3x3 matrix and each row / column will not have any repetetion. Generally the puzzle will be given insuch a way that there is a solution and only one solution which u can reach by logic and not by guessing.

I had already heard abt the game and knew the rules, but just a beginner. Created a login and started trying. I got a couple solved and got excited. And there is this puzzle which I was sure that it was having more than one solution. I took snapshot at each stage to proove to the providers that I have found this out. After a lot of painstaking work, I eneded up finding that I was wrong. I lost the sleep for nothing. :)) But it was fun..

This was the site where I was..

Interstingly this game has a long history but got popular in Europe recently thanks to the work of Wayne Gould (born 1945 in New Zealand) is a retired Hong Kong judge. He saw this game accidently in Japan and got addicted to it. He worked on it and developed a software for creating the puzzles. He ditributed it for free to the UK Newspapers and it caught up like that..

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Vinoo said...

Cheers Joe, thats a good site. I was trying not to use my precious brain cycles on sudoku, but this site seems quite user friendly, will give it a shot.

Just another guy said...

OK.. there are two player options.. we can try sometime..

One of my friend started sidoku the other day and got completly into it.. he couldnt do anything but playing this!! can be addictive..