Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Funamental shift in Wiki policy..

Wikipedia is considering introducing a form of prior restraint on edits. Last November US politician John Seigenthaler took on Wikipedia over a false and defamatory biography of him that had been posted on the site.

Although, there has been certain controls introduced an year back, a "semi-protection" for pages which were being vandalised, this could be a fundamental change in the way it operates. Now there are suggestions that a new architecture of control will be introduced for Wikipedia as a whole, if it proves successful when it is applied to the German-language site next month, and this could have far wider implications.

Wikipedia is, and will continue to be, a work in progress, a best effort by thousands of people to create an accurate, impartial and useful repository of human knowledge.

Wiki has been a big success, and hope this will make it better..

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