Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updated EMI Calculator with enhanced features

I have been using an EMI Calculator that I had made few years back. Now I have updated that and is available for download.

Please see the right side of this post and you would find a section "MY FILES". The "EMI Calculator Plus V3.01.xls" will be available there and you can download it from there.


1. Calculate EMI (Equated Monthly Installments), if you know the Loan Amount, Interest rate per year and no of installments.

2. Calculate the Interest rate if you know the EMI. (This is useful because sometimes the bank will only say the EMI).

3. Calculate the Loan amount. You know how much you can pay per month. Then you can find the Loan amount for a given interest rate and tenure.

For all these, there would be additional information like - How much I pay in full, How much I pay extra per month etc..

Also, you can see the breakdown of the Loan for each month. How much is the Interest Component? and How much is the Reduction In Principle? etc.. This is very useful when you have tax exemption on a housing loan.

a snapshot.

Check out.. Im sure that you will find it useful..
Let me know, if you have any comments, suggestion, problems...

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