Friday, March 23, 2007

Death of Bob Woolmer..

It is SAD indeed!

The high profile coach of Pakistan Cricket Team, Bob Woolmer (Robert Andrew Woolmer) was found dead after the team crashed out of the Cricket World Cup. Everyone who follow cricket are more or less sure that it was a murder. It is highly surprising that people especially the ICC is keeping mum one this.

I dont know how many more lifes and matches are needed for the ICC to clamp down on the corroption side of Cricket. It may not be easy because the people in ICC may also be benifitting of the dark side of Cricket.. pity me that I still watch this game.. Pity all cricket lovers, because ICC dont have the guts to do it right..

And the sadest part of this is that no one will ever come to know what really happened.

my condolences to the family..

Timeline: Bob Woolmer murder


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